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These programs cover the full range of interactive skills required to develop, and motivate effective, productive teams.

Duration: 4 hour modules


Time Management Time Management becomes more and more important as the positions change and grow. Learn how to accomplish more tasks and feel less stressed by managing your time more effectively.
Teamwork Learn how to have the strength and capability to work and problem solve as a team, to increase sales and productivity.
Company Philosophy In the customerís eyes you are the company. Learn the importance and how to portray a strong company image.
Change and Creativity In organizations there is always change. Learn how to understand change, individuals reactions to change and how to successfully drive your team through change creatively.
Communication Learn how to increase the effectiveness in communicating and maximize your results by identifying personality strengths and uncovering opportunities within your team.
Leadership and Motivation Learn how to become a great leader by creating an environment that develops capability and encourages motivation and enthusiasm within yourself and your team.
Performance Standards Management Learn how to identify and address an associateís performance with the overall objective of enhancing productivity.
Meeting Management Learn how to prepare and facilitate effective and efficient meetings to produce decisions and positive results.
Stress Management Understand yourself and your stress. Your stress could be negative or positive, learn how to turn it into positive action.
Vision The success of your organization and your team is based on your success in planning a vision and goal setting. Learn how to meet and over achieve targets by planning and strategizing.
Running a Successful Business Selling is more than standing behind a sales desk. Learn how to be successful by, understanding your customers, selling to the customerís needs, dealing with difficult customers.
Connecting With Customer There are two sins to selling, one is overselling and the other is underselling. Learn how to increase your sales by finding the equal medium and selling to the Human Level.
Nurturing your Customer Base Learn how to build an effective client file that will be used to maintain your customer base, increase your customer base and provide your customers with the service they have come to expect and deserve.
Bringing the Business to You Learn how to maximize your sales results, and increase your customer database by using one of the most important sales tool - the telephone.

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