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Call Monitoring and Evaluation



We partnership with your company to help redirect, reinforce and strengthen your customer service to exceed your customers’ customer service expectations.

How do we do it?

Ongoing in-house or off-site monitoring and evaluation of your customer service staff.  The evaluation is based upon customer service standards, which are outlined based on industry standards, company customer service analysis and current company standards.


Telephone “Mystery Shoppers”

Agreed upon standards will be monitored on an ongoing basis through the “mystery shoppers” program over the telephone.  All calls will be captured on tape for evaluation for present and future review.  The calls will then be compared against the standards on the evaluation form and rated.  Direction and improvements on per person or per location basis will be suggested and tracked.


Walk-in “Mystery Shoppers”

Agreed upon standards will be monitored on a regular basis with shoppers walking through your locations and evaluating the level of customer service performance.  These shoppers will capture and rate the experience on the evaluation form for present and future review. 

 Direction and improvements on per person or per location basis will be suggested and tracked.


Who should inquire about a monitoring program?

This program is designed for companies with one or more locations that have individuals that have contact with customers by phone and/or in person, and who understand the importance of strengthening and re-establishing their relationship with their customers and would like to achieve a higher standard of customer service.


Increase customer retention

Customer loyalty

Consistent corporate messaging

Improve internal performance

Exceed customer’s customer service expectations


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