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Areas of Expertise:
Agent Placement
Call Monitoring
Consulting Services
Contact Centres
Course Development
Customer Service
Job Postings
Outside Facilitators
Presentation Skills
Purchase A Program
Sales Training
Verbal Touch
Design, Develop & Deliver

We design, develop and deliver customized training products that assist businesses in achieving their business goals, ensure consistent messaging across all levels of the company and improving performance.


Customized Programs Instructional led
Learning interactive development
Self-administered programs
Product, sales and skills training
Training Materials Modification, enhancement and customization
On-going maintenance
Audio-visual development
Training videos
Instructor, participant manual development
Coaching Train the trainer
Coaching and performance monitoring
Evaluation Testing
Measure and evaluate all components, aspects and results of training
In-house Programs Proven portfolio of professional and interactive skills training
Training Plan Course training plan development
Analyze and consult on training
Curriculum development requirements, objectives and departmental structure
Needs Analysis Complete needs analysis of on-the-job performance, to determine required skills and knowledge


The design and layout of the sales presentational tool you created is exactly the professional and dynamic image we needed internally and externally to portray to our clients.

Kevin Hall, Pro Motion Principal

3D Training and Marketing is uniquely skilled such that they can evaluate the needs of the client, develop a complete curriculum, and deliver a program in an energized and dynamic environment. A single source contact with the medium to large business market guarantees consistency and results.

Andrew Belliveau, C1 Communications, Halifax, Nova Scotia General Manager

I am new to the telecommunications industry. When joining the company I was confused with the technology, but after reading and completing the self-administered manual, I feel confident with my product knowledge and in the ability to sell in this industry.

Mark Hudson, National Telecommunications Company Account Manager

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