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Voice Mastery Workshops


Program Overview:

“In a face to face sales’ opportunity a customer determines his/her willingness to do business with you in less than 5-minutes.  Over the telephone, this decreases to 15-seconds.  What are you doing to cross over this 15-second barrier?”


“It’s not what you say, but how you say it”



Workshop 1 Objective:

 In this highly motivating workshop, participants will learn how to go beyond the 15-second barrier, and enhance the spoken word, through effective voice techniques.


Workshop 2 Objective:

Through self and group evaluation, participants will listen to pre-recorded tapes with his/her customers and identify voice strengths and weaknesses and take steps to strengthen their conversational techniques.


 What are the outcomes?      

• Communicate effectively, strengthen and develop the five elements of your voice

• Increase sales

• Exceed customer satisfaction



 After the participants have successfully completed the two Voice Mastery Workshops and have proven their understanding and application of the skills, a certificate will be presented.


Who should attend?

All professionals that communicate with internal or external customers, either on the phone or face-to-face and want to enhance their voice to increase customer satisfaction and sales.


 Timeframe: 4-hours/per workshop



• 5 elements of voice control

• Effective/positive communication techniques

• Self-voice evaluation

• Voice certification


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