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3-Dimensions of Coaching


Program Overview:

The 3-Dimensions are proven coaching techniques, which will provide Contact Centre Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders a solid structure to their coaching sessions.  They will learn communication skills that build rapport, improve performance and create motivation with their employees.

Program Objective:

To maximize employee potential through positive motivation and reinforcement.


• DEFINE YOURSELF:  Through self-evaluation and evaluation of your staff, you will learn about your personality and your behaviors, as well as those you coach.


• DIALOGUE: “OPTIMAL COMMUNICATION”:  “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”.  The single most powerful tool in communication is rapport.  Individuals will learn how to build rapport and create motivation through positive communication with their employees.


• DISTINCTION: “DISTINCT STEPS TO GUIDE YOU”: These distinct steps will teach you a solid and positive approach to holding coaching sessions, in which effective communication and proactive listening allows for setting expectations, objectives and goals, and the employees feel encouraged in a positive atmosphere.


Who should attend? 

Contact centre managers, supervisors and team leaders.


What are the outcomes? 

Greater employee motivation

Reinforcement of key skill sets

Stronger team environment

Higher productivity


Timeframe:  2-days




• DIALOGUE: “Optimal communication”

• DISTINCTION: “Distant steps to guide you”


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