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Overcoming Telephone Stress


Program Overview:

We all deal with stress differently, express it differently and we all have different stress triggers.  Learning to understand more about how stress affects you, as an individual will help you identify ways on how to control and prevent this stress from affecting you physically and mentally.

Many employers feel that if they can control the working environment, then they can control the stress within the workplace.  What they forget to consider is that stress at work can be triggered by many different factors: angry customers; personal problems; large tasks not completed; exhaustion; boredom; unaccomplished personal goals; work environment; friendship; and family. 

Within this program we encourage individuals to identify their stress triggers and then give them tools to assist in controlling their stress levels.


Program Objective:

To identify individual stress triggers and refine techniques to control and prevent stress from affecting your physical and mental well being.


Who should attend? 

Customer Service Reps, Sales Professionals, Secretaries, Receptionist, Team Leaders, Group Leaders, Office Managers, Supervisors, Presenters, and all Professionals that feel that stress has become a part of their workday.


What are the outcomes? 

Identify what triggers your personal and business stress.

Learn and practice different relaxation tips that can help you relax and eliminate stress while sitting at your work desk.

Learn tracking and mapping techniques that will help you take smaller steps to accomplish a bigger task.

Review the importance of personal and business balance.


Timeframe:  4-hours



Understand personal stress triggers

Apply stretching and breathing relaxation methods

Organize your thoughts and goals through mind mapping and task organization methods

Manage personal and business balance


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